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Finalist Award in Clinical Case in Skin Enhancement and IntegrativeAcne Treatment: 6th Anti-aging a


Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that can occur in patients of any age. The outcome

depends on genetic regulation in terms of hormone level control, sebum excretion,

keratinization, and the level of immunological response. However, it is also possible

that factors such as hygiene and diet can affect acne, while some recent studies have

revealed links between certain specific food types and the onset or severity of acne.

Therefore, this case study reports the effectiveness of the integrative approach in

treating acne vulgaris in a young man who showed a rapid response to the combination

of topical therapies and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy with the removal of certain

foods in line with the results of food intolerance testing. It was reported that the patient

showed significant improvements following treatment for a three-month period,

suggesting the strong potential of the integrative approach for acne treatment.

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รางวัล finalist intergrative acne
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